Hyper Personalised Print Products with just one click?

What I Like NEXT makes it possible – welcome to next generation Print-on-Demand.

Next Gen Print-on-Demand Solutions

Print without Investment

Print being a huge investment is a thing of the past. Now you can print just once pice... AND earn.


Wouldn't it be great if you could offer your clients their own personalized print product?

The Best
User experience

We love technology. Lots of it. But it should remain invisible for our users. That's how we roll.

The World's first Personal Travel Guide

This is a premiere: with just one click you can convert a digital list with personal tips to your own personal travel guide. Launched in the beginning of 2021 in a private beta version in Switzerland.

Have to see that!

A web-based Software Solution for Hyper Personalised Printing

These components help you to set up your own projects autonomously. Offer them to your clients on all digital and social channels; we take care of the rest. (localized production and fullfillment)

Das Dashboard

Das web-basierte Kundendashboard erlaubt das Aufsetzen von Print-Projekten; vom Uploaden von Design-Vorlagen, abfüllen bis hin zu Live-Schalten eines Projekts.

Demo anfragen

Access on all devices

The What I Like NEXT Dashboard works on all screen sizes. That way you can set up and monitor your projects wherever you are.

Let's have a demo

Do you need help developing a product for your clients? – No problem

We'd love to help you creating concepts and developing new products for your clients. And we'll coach you during the implementation. Just get in touch and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.


The What I Like NEXT Components

Print - PDF Generator


PDF Stitching


Logistics &

Payment Provider


Book Landing page / Book store Solution

Welcome to Next Gen Publishing

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